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Here at Washington Lure & Bait we offer an assortment of proven fishing lures, "Spoons" for both Trolling and Casting. The Trolling Flutter spoons have consistently given good results fishing for Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbows and Brook Trout in the waters of New Hampshire and New England.

Be sure to look for the new book "Field Guide to New Hampshire Trout Streams". This book features information on 25 of New Hampshire's best Trout fishing rivers and streams. For more information please visit the "Book" page, or the "Field Guides to New Hampshire" web site at fieldguidesnh.com        

       Still a favorite, and now in limited availability the book "Field Guide To New Hampshire Trout Ponds" offers fishing information for over 90 ponds across N.H. Please read the full description on the "Book" page or on the "Field Guides to New Hampshire" web site at fieldguidesnh.com    

The original Flutter Spoon, designed for trolling with it's long narrow profile and erratic action makes it a favorite whether fishing for Rainbow Trout, Land Locked Salmon or Lake Trout. (Click on above image for larger view)

We also offer a pair of Casting Spoons in the traditional "Tear Drop" shape. These are available in two sizes 1/8 Oz. and 1/4 Oz. These also are good for Trout, Pickerel, Perch or Smallmouth Bass. Fished in Lakes or Streams  

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The current featured lure is a smaller version of our popular “Blue Smelt” Trolling Flutter Spoon, The “Blue Smelt Junior”
The “Junior” features a nickel finish with prism pattern finish, then added a transparent blue stripe. It is the same size as our standard Flutter spoon that measures
2 1/4” by 1/2”, it comes with size 6 treble hook.

The original "Blue Smelt" Trolling Flutter Spoon is a Nickel lure with a transparent blue stripe. It measures 2 3/4" with out size 6 hook by 5/8" wide. This lure also has a fish scale finish. We've fished both lures a lot over recent years and have had very good and consistent results with Lake Trout and Land Locked Salmon.


Another recent addition, we took a  Copper Trolling Flutter Spoon and added a Florescent Red Stripe. We call this one "The Hunter". Not only has this lure done well with Lake Trout and Salmon, but also Rainbow Trout. This has shown to be another great performer. All our Copper Lures are coated to resist tarnish.

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The Casting Weight  Flutter Spoon, designed for casting with twice the thickness of the Trolling Spoon. It's long narrow profile makes it cast like a bullet. With it’s erratic action the casting Flutter Spoon makes it a favorite fishing for Smallmouth Bass along with Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout. (Click on above image for larger view)