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Field Guides to NH  Features a more complete and in depth description of the popular books, Field Guide to New Hampshire Trout Streams and the Field Guide to New Hampshire Trout Ponds. This is the authors site.

Bondcliff Books  Carries a wide selection of outdoor guide books covering hiking in the White Mountains along with biking and fishing. Also they have a wide selection of interesting books covering the history of the Rail Roads in the North Country and logging in White Mountains.
They are also the publisher of the Field Guide to NH Streams and Field Guide to NH Trout Ponds.

The Mountain Wanderer  A comprehensive selection of New Hampshire outdoor information. The map and book store is located in Lincoln N.H. in the heart of the White Mountains. They offer a fine collection of books and guides on fishing and hiking in New Hampshire as well as New England. Covering all the "how to.." and "where to..." questions that come with fishing in a area for the first time or help for finding someplace new.

Cast Away Cancer  Providing and introducing people recovering from cancer to Fly Fishing. Fly fishing can give a much needed break from the stress that comes from dealing with and managing your recovery.

USGS Stream Flow for NH  Site contains the daily flow rates from the United States Geological Survey for many of New Hampshire’s  rivers and streams

N.H. Fish & Game  Home Page for New Hampshire Fish & Game

Grogs Knots  A handy site containing animations of how to tie many popular fishing and utility knots

"Field & Stream"  Field & Stream Magazine

"Outdoor Life"  Outdoor Life Magazine

Washington N.H.  Information on the Town Of Washington with a lot of useful links on and about the area.

Fishing Directory Sites...

"Fishhoo.com"  A good fishing directory that has the look of "Yahoo"

"Outdoor-resources.com" A pretty comprehensive fishing related directory.

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